Mission Statement
The Victim-Witness Unit provides services and assistance to crime victims and witnesses in an effort to ensure that their rights are protected. The primary objective of the Victim-Witness Unit is to provide victims and witnesses with easy access to information about their cases and provide them with support services throughout the prosecution.

Our secondary objective is to educate and share resources with our colleagues within the Criminal Justice System. The Director is responsible for coordinating victim services within the County therefore affiliations are formed with private non-profit organizations, special interest groups and community representatives who have a common goal to provide comprehensive services to crime victims.

Victim Witness Advocates

  • Nancy Frankie, Director
  • Barbara Barbolini, Victim Advocate
  • Laura Finlay, Victim Advocate
  • Karyn Levana, Victim Advocate
  • Cristina Russo, Victim Advocate
  • Kimberly Sabin, Victim Advocate

Phone: 732-431-6459 / Fax: 732-845-2005