Lori Linskey was sworn-in as Acting Prosecutor on June 1, 2021, and is the first woman in the history of the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office (MCPO) to hold that position.  She was also the first woman to hold the rank of First Assistant Prosecutor when she was promoted to that position on July 10, 2017.  As Acting Prosecutor, she oversees a nearly 300-person law enforcement agency, including 58 Assistant Prosecutors, 79 Detectives and hundreds of clerical and administrative support staff.  

She is involved in all aspects of the management of the office.  In addition to the guidance she provides to the MCPO and her involvement in the agency’s investigations and prosecutions, she provides support and legal advice to our 50+ municipal police departments on enforcement matters, Attorney General Guidelines and Directives, as well as county-wide policies and case specific inquiries.  Linskey has been directly involved in the creation and implementation of the office’s initiatives including the October 2021 launch of the anti-bias/anti-hate Safe Place Program, June 2021 launch of Crisis Intervention Team Training, our Special Needs Registry, Community Law Enforcement Unit outreach, Growth Through Opportunity Program, our distracted driving campaign Unplugged and Alive. She is recognized as statewide expert in Prosecutorial Ethics and is sought out to provide guidance and training statewide.

Linskey joined the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office in January 2013, following a 15+ year career with the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ), Office of the Attorney General, where she served as Acting Bureau Chief, Deputy Attorney General and Senior Counsel with DCJ’s Prosecutors’ Supervision and Coordination Bureau. In this capacity, Linskey served as DCJ liaison to all 21 County Prosecutors’ Offices, conducted state-wide legal training, handled Prosecutors’ Office management reviews, handled regulatory firearms permitting issues throughout the state and served as the Division of Criminal Justice Ethic’s Liaison.  Linskey was responsible for the drafting and implementation of NJ’s shift to sequential/double blind eyewitness identification procedures and received an Attorney General Award for her work on that AG Guideline in 2001. 

Upon joining the MCPO in 2013, she first held the position of Executive Assistant Prosecutor, was promoted to Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor in January 2014, until her promotion to First Assistant Prosecutor in 2017.