Heroin and prescription opiates abuse is an epidemic in Monmouth County, across New Jersey and throughout the nation. These sinister drugs are enslaving and killing our communities and our youth. Unfortunately, there is a collective yawn from all segments of society as we minimize the problem and carry forward an attitude that somehow our little corner of the world makes us immune. That attitude must be defeated, simply because it is not true.

Heroin and prescription opiates are so addictive that it forces behavioral changes in everyone who abuses it. The drug takes a firm grip and forces its users and abusers to do anything to get a fix. Regardless of economic status; regardless of social status; regardless of anything you can imagine. The common denominator for anyone who uses or abuses the drug is it leads to illegal and immoral activity: from shoplifting and theft to drug dealing and prostitution.

And the after-effects of this type of drug use and abuse leads to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), HIV, hepatitis and other blood-borne diseases.

Sadly, studies shows that only one out of every five heroin/opiate addict will go on to lead a productive life – and by productive life we are not suggesting that someone will find a cure for cancer, be elected President of the United States or make the next great scientific discovery. By productive we mean someone will carry on a meaningful relation, maybe have a family, hold down steady employment or any other routine activities most of us pull off each and every day.

The information contained on these pages and in the videos is not sensationalized to make a point. The stories are real. The effects are real. This information is straight-forward because we need to have this conversation with our families, our friends, our neighbors and our communities. So here it is…