The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office Narcotics and Criminal Enterprise Investigation Section (NCEIS) operates with the benefit of experienced and highly trained police officers who conduct extensive narcotic, gang, and firearm investigations in accordance with New Jersey and Federal Law. The NCEIS contains two bureaus, the Narcotics Bureau and the Criminal Enterprise Bureau.  The Narcotics Bureau is composed of the Narcotics Strike Force and the Bayshore Unit, while the Criminal Enterprise Bureau includes the Gang and Criminal Enterprise Unit and the Electronic Surveillance Squad.  The NCEIS is staffed by assistant prosecutors, one of whom serves as the unit Director, detectives, municipal officers and support staff.

The Narcotics Strike Force investigates and prosecutes individuals who use and distribute controlled substances, as well as those responsible for gun violence and the illegal sale of firearms throughout most of Monmouth County.

The Bayshore Strike Force investigates individuals who use and distribute controlled substances in Aberdeen, Atlantic Highlands, Hazlet, Highlands, Holmdel, Keansburg, Keyport, Matawan, Middletown and Union Beach.

The Gang and Criminal Enterprise Unit was created in January 2006 to address the growing number of gang memberships and violence within Monmouth County. The goal of the Gang Unit is to gather intelligence on every gang that operates locally and/or nationally, and to investigate and prosecute gang violence. The Unit also disseminates acquired gang intelligence to state and local law enforcement agencies. The Unit also investigates other organized criminal enterprises as necessary. It is staffed by detectives, who work closely with municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

The Electronic Surveillance Squad provides electronic support for all units within the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office as well as to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. The Squad is staffed by detectives and support staff and is instrumental in gathering electronic evidence in criminal investigations.


The Tactical Narcotics Team (TNT) is a component of the NCEIS. TNT is a specially trained group of NCEIS detectives who can rapidly deploy to high narcotic trafficking areas and bring a variety of law enforcement resources to bear, dramatically reducing the incidence of drug distribution, and the related crime that it produces.

The Narcotics and Criminal Enterprise Investigation Section has proved itself to be beneficial to all municipalities in Monmouth County. Those engaged in criminal gang activity and/or the distribution and possession of controlled dangerous substances frequently are involved in the commission of other crimes, such as burglaries, robberies, thefts and fraud. Arresting these individuals has a positive impact on the crime rate in the towns where they reside.

The Narcotics and Criminal Enterprise Investigation Section works closely with local police departments throughout Monmouth County, the New Jersey State Police, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the United States Postal Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the United State’s Attorney’s Office.