CPC Behavioral Healthcare

PC Behavioral Healthcare, a county leader in substance use and mental health treatment, offers two separate programs for adolescents, Project Insight and Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program. Both programs are grant-funded, conducted in their Freehold and Red Bank locations, and are available for 12- to 21-year-old persons.

Project Insight

Project Insight is a 5-session program for youth, who are at risk of developing a substance use issue. The program will include a comprehensive assessment, goal setting, basic substance abuse education, social skill building, and refusal skills, problem-solving, high-risk planning, and a family session that includes a review of the youth’s progress. This early intervention program model utilizes research through the SAMSHA’s Cannabis Youth Treatment Series.

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program is an evidence-based program that is person-centered designed to address substance use and mental health issues. Each week treatment includes group, individual, and family therapy along with care management. The program is typically 12 weeks and also includes learning healthy coping skills, relapse prevention planning, coping with trauma and abuse issues, and learning to tolerate rules and structure in order to reach educational and employment goals.

To learn more about CPC’s programs, please visit https://www.cpcbehavioral.org/

To make a referral or schedule an appointment at CPC Behavioral Healthcare, please contact 1-800-250-9811 or KPecoraro@cpcbhc.org

RAFTS (Recovery Advocates For The Shore)

RAFTS is a peer-based recovery community organization that provides support and resources to individuals and families impacted by substance use disorders. RAFTS provides family education, peer recovery services, telephone recovery support and community assistance.

Certified Peer Recovery Specialists

Adolescents, who are at risk of developing an addiction or who struggle with marijuana and alcohol use, are linked to a certified peer recovery specialist to provide peer-to-peer support. Each specialist shares their own journey with addiction and recovery and provides motivation for change and growth. Through telephone support, these peers also help adolescents and their families navigate available resources for marijuana and alcohol use.

RAFTS Family Workshop

RAFTS Family Workshop welcomes families who struggle with the marijuana and alcohol use of their adolescence. Using CRAFT and the evidence-based curriculums of MHANJ, Pro-ACT, and SMART, RAFTS provides a group setting to learn about important topics including positive communication, change, motivation, understanding addiction, and self-care. Families are provided with the tools they need to effectively communicate with their children about marijuana and alcohol use and to heal as a family.

To learn more about RAFT, please visit https://www.raftsnj.org/ or contact 1-833-2B-SOBER (1-833-227-6237) or Nicole@raftsnj.org.

New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health Care

New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health Care provides a full range of services to support adolescents and families affected by substance use and co-occurring disorders. New Hope is committed to offering treatment in a compassionate, healing environment so that health and hope are restored and self-esteem is renewed.

Adolescent Services

New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health Care is a CARF accredited substance use treatment facility that offers a full range of services to adolescents suffering from substance use disorders, including cannabis and alcohol, and co-occurring mental health disorders. Their services include drug screening, substance use evaluation and referral, inpatient withdrawal management and short-term residential treatment, individual, group, and family counseling, and education services. Day and evening services are available in the Freehold and Long Branch locations. Inpatient services are located in Marlboro.

Family Education

Family members and loved ones are provided with tools and techniques on how to minimize stress and increase a positive lifestyle for all family members. The education also includes reducing or eliminating unwanted behaviors and effectively supporting adolescents during treatment.

To learn more about New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health Care, please contact https://newhopeibhc.org/ or call (732) 946-3030 Option 5.

Tigger House Foundation

Tigger House Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to raising awareness about addiction and providing support to families and loved ones that suffer from substance use disorders. Through their numerous community programs, Tigger House Foundation educates and empowers the next generation of adolescent leaders.
Student Alliance

The Student Alliance focuses on providing alternatives to drug use to adolescents through peer-based activities that focus on a wellness lifestyle. The students are offered a speaker series to learn from experts in the community, a mentorship program for guidance, and peer-to-peer activities to build confidence and leadership while addressing substance use issues. Students can participate in active, outdoor activities to help improve camaraderie and overall mental health. The main goals of the alliance are to educate, confide and empower adolescents to live a positive and meaningful life.

Resource Navigator

Adolescents, who are at risk of developing a cannabis or alcohol use disorder, can be linked up to a navigator at Tigger House Foundation to better understand the available resources in the community. The navigator can connect families to care in a non-judgmental and seamless way while they take part in the Student Alliance and grow within the Tigger House Foundation community.

To learn more about the Tigger House Foundation, please visit www.tiggerhouse.org or contact help@tiggerhouse.org or (732)-865-1559.

Download the Marijuana Alcohol Use Resource Guide for Adolescents and Young Adults.

Download the ’21-’22 Monmouth County Reference Guide.