“I can’t breathe.” The words of George Floyd’s unheeded pleas for help with a police officer’s knee on his neck and his subsequent death are seared into the consciousness of the world. To Mr. Floyd’s family – we are heartbroken and mourn his death and the unimaginable suffering his loved ones are experiencing. We expect that the officers
involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as the video capturing his death is indefensible.

For the members of our law enforcement community, the horror of this tragedy is magnified by the stain we all wear because of the sins of those officers who do not reflect our morals and values. I, along with Sheriff Shaun Golden and the entire Monmouth County Chiefs of Police Association, condemn the murder of Mr. Floyd. While we work tirelessly to earn the trust of the citizens we serve, we recognize these efforts are clouded by the horrible image of Mr. Floyd’s pleas for help – pleas made to those who take an oath to help not harm citizens. We wholly denounce the senseless murder of citizens we are sworn to protect, and the trampling of the inalienable human rights we are charged to uphold.

The entire Monmouth County law enforcement community continues our public outreach efforts to keep building the foundation of trust necessary for law enforcement to maintain the confidence of who we work for – the citizens of Monmouth County. Our mission is to protect and serve you. A cornerstone of this mission is listening to our community partners and engaging in proactive dialogue.

We are fortunate to have strong relationships with our faith-based and community leaders in good times so we can work together toward a common goal in challenging times. This week, we are meeting with these community stakeholders to continue our ongoing conversation about the tragic death of Mr. Floyd, and to further discuss how
law enforcement can be part of the solution.

Christopher J. Gramiccioni
Monmouth County Prosecutor

Shaun Golden
Monmouth County Sheriff

Chief Craig Weber
President, Monmouth County Police Chiefs