FREEHOLD – Nearly 200 weapons were exchanged for cash as part of a one-day gun Guns For Cash program in Asbury Park on Saturday. The results acquired the most successful single-day, single-site exchange total in recent years, announced Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni.

The Guns For Cash program exchanged 195 firearms this past Saturday with a payout of $13,375. The final inventory of firearms comprised seven assault weapons, 48 rifles and shotguns, and 108 handguns, including 27 semi-automatic handguns, and other items. The final firearms inventory included a World War I-era 8mm Sidarme CSRG light-machine gun, a Chinese-made Norinco SKS semi-automatic replica military-type rifle, a .30 caliber Springfield Armory M-1 semi-automatic rifle, a .30 caliber Plainfield Machine M-1 carbine semi-automatic rifle, a World War II-style .30 caliber IBM Corp. M-1 carbine semi-automatic rifle, an American-made B-West replica AK-47, and the .45 cal. Volunteer Enterprises Commando Mark III Tommy Gun look-alike semi-automatic carbine rifle.

The program allows anyone to anonymously surrender a weapon without fear of having to answer questions about their identity or how they came into possession of a weapon. Once the weapon is surrendered, the gun is checked against a national database to determine if it is stolen. If the weapon is not stolen it is then slated for destruction.